Keystone Corporation’s Silver plating has been used in countless communications, electronics, power transmission, and industrial applications. Silver plating provides excellent solderability and brazing characteristics for joining applications and has the highest electrical conductivity, heat conductivity and the lowest contact resistance of any metal, making it ideal for the electronics industry. It is often chosen as a less-expensive alternative to gold for electrical connections.

Supplemental anti-tarnish treatments are available for silver plated parts which can slow tarnishing by sealing the surface from exposure to air and water.  Keystone Corporation offers engineered packaging solutions for silver plated components including the use of specific vapor corrosion inhibiting (VCI) packaging materials. This type of packaging eliminates the chance of silver tarnish over extended storage periods.

All of Keystone’s silver plating processes are available for both Rack and Barrel plating applications.



Some traditional uses of Keystone’s Silver plating include:

  • Military 
  • Aerospace
  • Communications
  • Electronics

Of all metals, silver has the highest thermal conductivity, electrical conductivity, and optical reflectivity in the visible portion of the electromagnetic spectrum. Silver has outstanding temperature resistance with a melting point of 962° C (1763° F). Additionally, silver is a soft, ductile metal with good embeddability that performs well under high torque and loads. Silver’s unique combination of lubricity, high temperature resistance and thermal conductivity make it ideal for high temperature fastening or bearing applications, protecting parts in low oxygen environments and preventing the galling of nuts, fasteners, gears, and bearing surfaces at high temperatures. In microwave applications, silver plated parts can carry an extremely high current load while reducing loss at the highest microwave frequencies. 



Keystone Corporation's silver plating meets the following specifications:

  • QQ-S-365 Types I (Matte), II (Semi Bright), & III (Bright)
  • ASTM B700
  • AMS 2410
  • AMS 2411
  • AMS 2412
  • Commercial and customer generated specifications
  • Grades A & B 
    • "A"-With supplementary tarnish-resistant treatment. 
    • "B"-Without supplementary tarnish-resistant treatment.


For more than 90 years, Keystone Corporation has assisted customers in completing orders ranging from a few specialized pieces to high volume applications. All finishes are available for both Rack and Barrel plating applications. We maintain superior quality control through the entire finishing process, ensuring top quality Silver plating at an affordable cost for any project. Our experienced staff will provide technical assistance as well as Certificates of Compliance to commercial, government, AMS, ASTM, and MIL specifications. Meeting your manufacturing needs is our top priority at Keystone Corporation. Contact us today to receive a personalized quotation based on your specific requirements.

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