Rochester, NY Industrial Silver Plating

Keystone Corporation is proud to offer industries in Rochester, NY the highest electrical conductivity of all metals. We have facilities for silver plating both small and large parts, and our high electrical and thermal conductivity allows thermo compression bonding and solderability. Keystone Silver also provides excellent wear resistance of load-bearing surfaces, ensuring that your parts wont need to be replaced any time soon

Specifications For Silver Plating in Rochester, NY

Rochester, NY Industrial Silver PlatingKeystone Corporation's silver plating meets the following specifications 

  • ASTM B700
  • AMS 2410
  • AMS 2411
  • AMS 2412
  • QQ-S-365 Types I, II, & III
  • Grades A & B 
    • "A"-With supplementary tarnish-resistant treatment. 
    • "B"-Without supplementary tarnish-resistant treatment.

Silver Plating Applications

Keystone Silver coatings have proved invaluable in various communications and electronics applications. Some common uses for silver coatings include:

  • Communications
  • Electronics
  • Military 
  • Aerospace

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