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Silver plating has been used in many communications, electronics, power transmission, and industrial settings. Silver plating provides excellent solderability and brazing for joining applications and has the highest electrical conductivity, heat conductivity and the lowest contact resistance of any metal, which makes it ideal for the electronics industry. It is a less-expensive alternative to gold for electrical connections. Anti-tarnish treatments are also avalible for parts that have been silver plated, which can help slow tarnishing from water and air exposure. At Keystone Corporation we offer specific vapor corrosion inhibiting (VCI) packaging materials whicu helps eliminate chances of tarnish over long periods of storage. All of our silver plating varieties are avalible for Rack and Barrel plating applications.


Silver Plating Meets the Following Criteria:

  • ASTM B700
  • AMS 2410
  • AMS 2411
  • AMS 2412
  • QQ-S-365 Types I, II, & III

Silver has an excellent thermal conductivity, electrical conductivity and optical reflectivity. It also provides outstanding temperature resistance with a melting point of 962° C (1763 Fahrenheit). The metal is soft yet ductile making it perfect for high torque applications that need to withstand heavy loads imposed on them by machinery like drills or compressors. Of all metals in use today silver does the best job at conducting heat; its second strongest attribute lies within its ability both electrically as well aesthetically when given enough light exposure. 


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If you are looking for silver plating services, look no further than Keystone Finishing. We provide the best plating services and can help you decide what service is best for you and your products. 

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