A leader in the metal finishing industry since 1928, Keystone Corporation provides high quality passivation services for stainless steel.

The Pasivation process returns the stainless steel or other metals back to its original specifications by removing unwanted debris and oils from the surface and then submerging the part into a passivating bath. When the part is machined, various particles can permeate the surface of the base metal, weakening it's resistance to corrosion and making the part more unacceptable to environmental factors. 

Selection of the correct passivation process is determined by the stainless steel alloy involved and by the specification requirements. We have incorporated most alloy specific passivation processes as specified by AMS2700E, AMS-QQ-P-35, ASTM A967-35 and ASTM A380-13 to meet our customers' needs.  Our Engineering team can assist our customers with selection of the passivation process that will comply with applicable requirements.  



Keystone Passivation meets the following specifications:

  • AMS-QQ-P-35 - Types I-VI
  • AMS 2700 - Method 1 Nitric Passivation Type 1-6
  • AMSA967 - Nitric 1, Nitric

Plated metal parts