Cadmium Plating Services in Buffalo, NY

Cadmium is one of few materials that often serves as a “sacrificial coating” Cadmium plating done by Keystone Corporationon other materials like iron, steel, copper and more. This protective aspect makes cadmium plating important to protect your metal products.

Keystone Corporation offers cadmium plating services in Buffalo. They create an attractive plating to offer corrosion protection and to add a clear, yellow, black or olive finish.

Key Applications

Due to cadmium plating’s many benefits, including solderability, lubricity, malleability and mold resistance, it’s highly versatile in its various applications. Cadmium plating is found on car parts, electronics, consumer products, aerospace parts and more.

Keystone Corporation’s Cadmium Plating

With this type of work, there are several different requirements you may have to meet codes or generate the proper results. Our cadmium plating meets most needs:

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Keystone Corporation has been a leader in this industry for almost 100 years, offering quality cadmium plating services to the Buffalo area. You can trust us with your needs. Contact us today for a personalized quote.

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