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Keystone Corporation has been providing top-of-the-industry metal finishing and electroplating services in the New York state area for almost a century. We are your leading experts for electroplating in Rochester, NY and offer our clients multiple solutions to their metal refinishing and electroplating needs. We have served clients from the military, aerospace, communications, automotive, industrial, and machinery industries, providing them with an exceptional finished product.

We use state-of-the-art techniques in our brand-new facilities to perform high-quality nickel plating for our niche products which include electronics applications, surface treatments for stainless steel parts, and welded assemblies.

Clients looking for electroplating in the Rochester, NY area can choose from a wide range of final products with Keystone Corporation for their needs – our nickel plating fully complies with AMS-C-26074, ASTM B733 and AMS 2404 specifications. Additionally, we have the capability to generate custom orders that will conform to unique specifications requested by our customers.

Electroless nickel plating is produced from an alloy of nickel and phosphorus in which plating is the result of an autocatalytic chemical reaction without the use of an external electrical charge. The finish will leave you with a flawless stainless steel-like appearance, giving you the benefit of high aesthetic appeal along with premium durability. This finish can be applied to a variety of metals, including aluminum and stainless-steel substrates, copper, brass, steel, and bronze.

The benefits to this process include a high adaptability to the shape of the object being plated – coatings are smooth and even, providing excellent coverage in blind holes and recesses. Precise, uniform plating thickness is possible over both the inside and outside of the surface along with unmatched corrosion resistance for thicknesses above .0005". An electroless nickel coating is also an ideal surface finish for shielding EMF and RF electronics.

Keystone Corporation, as the leading provider of electroless nickel plating, held the original 1950 patent for the Kanigen Electroless Nickel Process, which is the industry standard used by most plating companies today. As an innovator in the industry, our company will ensure incomparable quality and satisfaction for each order we produce.

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For more than 90 years, Keystone Corporation has assisted customers in completing commercial orders ranging from a few specialized pieces to high-volume applications. All finishes are available for both Rack and Barrel plating applications. We maintain superior quality control through the entire finishing process, ensuring top-quality Tin/Lead plating at an affordable cost for any project. Our experienced staff will provide technical assistance as well as Certificates of Compliance to commercial, government, AMS, ASTM, and MIL specifications. Meeting your manufacturing needs is our top priority at Keystone Corporation. Contact us today to receive a personalized quotation based on your specific requirements.

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