Zinc Phosphate Coating

Zinc Phosphate CoatingZinc phosphate coating is ideal for industries where corrosion resistance must be exceptionally high. Commonly, zinc phosphate is applied for the automotive industry and in certain sectors of the appliance and electronics industries, as well as the armed services for equipment that could be exposed to severe environments. Moreover, many operations using electrocoating or powder coatings, particularly when a one-coat finish will be exposed to the weather, pretreat workpieces with zinc phosphate. Keystone industrial zinc phosphate coating widely  improves corrosion resistance and paint adhesion on steel and iron parts. Keystone's Zinc Phosphate Coating is excellent at absorbing oil or wax, and we have facilities for zinc phosphate coating on both small and large parts in various sized barrels and racks.

Specifications For Zinc Phosphate Coating

Keystone Corporation's Zinc Phosphate Coating meets the following specifications:

  • TT-C-490D
  • MIL-STL-1715 5.3.1
  • TT-C-490
  • VGS 6.2.3

*Keystone Corporation can process parts up to 10 feet in length that weigh up to 8,000 pounds

Zinc Phosphate Coating Applications

Phosphate coatings are generally used to help with corrosion resistance. However, phosphate coatings on their own do not provide this because the coating is porous, and as a result oil or other sealers are used to achieve corrosion resistance. Zinc and manganese coatings are used to help break in components subject to wear.

The following are common uses for zinc phosphate coating, but there are many additional uses. Give us a call if you're unsure if zinc phosphate coating is the right material for your project.
  • Serves as a uniform base for paint adhesion
  • Good non-metallic crystalline coating for absorbing oil or wax
  • Great way to protect parts from corrosion or wear

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