Solder Plating in Binghamton, NY

Established in 1928, Keystone Corporation is Binghamton, New York's metal finishing company for the best quality electrodeposited tin lead or solder plating at your needed specifications. Keystone's solder plating provides for quality solderability in electronic applications, and Keystone's Bright solder plating provides an aesthetic finished appearance without the need to reflow.

Solder plating or tin lead plating

Tin lead plating, also known as solder plating, combines tin and lead in various alloy compositions to provide a proper fuse or finish on your components, and tin plating resists corrosion while providing good conductivity. Keystone Corporation can handle the plating of industrial and electronic products in Binghamton, NY, with both rack and barrel application processes.

Our Alloys

Keystone offers both Matte (grain size of 1-9 um diameter) and Bright (grain size in the sub-micron range of 0.1 um) finishes at several industrial standards, including ASTM B579, to provide protection against corrosion, to improve the solderability of the product over time, and to prevent galling characteristics caused by a combination of friction and adhesion.

Keystone Corporation offers tin lead plating or solder plating in the following ratios:

- 60/40 (60% tin, 40% lead)

- 90/10 (90% tin, 10% lead)

- 95/5 (95% tin, 5% lead)

- Other alloy compositions available upon request

Our specifications

- MIL-P-81728

- AMS-P-81728

- ASTM B579

- M230 of MIL-F-14072

- Commercial and customer generated specifications

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Keystone Corporation will work with orders of all sizes for solder plating in Binghamton, NY. The Keystone Corporation has been serving industrial, commercial, and governmental agency customers for over 90 years, and will be happy to work with your company to achieve the product you want with the specifications you need.

Keystone operates specially designed facilities for the soldering process, ensuring the highest level of quality control throughout the process. Keystone Corporation aims to provide the best quality solder plating in Binghamton, NY at an affordable price. Our experienced staff will provide technical assistance as well as any Certificates of Compliance you may wish to inspect regarding ASTM B579 or the other specifications.

Please contact one of our representatives and get started on your personalized quote based on your specific needs. Keystone Corporation wants to solve your solder plating needs in Binghamton, NY.

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