Pickling & Passivation of Stainless SteelPickling and Passivation Of Stainless Steel Services

As a leader in the United States pickling and passivation industry, Keystone Corporation provides high quality Pickling, Passivation and Pickle Passivate services for stainless steel parts and weldments. Our lines are built to handle both large and small work pieces, with lifting capacity up to three tons.


Pickling and passivation are often used together to remove contaminants and oxidation from stainless steel, improving corrosion resistance and extending the life and overall value. While chemical Passivation is intended to remove free iron and surface contaminants, it is ineffective at removing existing oxidation, weld oxides, scale and heavy contaminants.

In contrast, pickling utilizes more aggressive acids than those used in passivation. The chemicals utilized for the pickling of stainless steel remove oxidation, weld oxides and scale, and are capable of etching the base material. We also offer passivation services, without pickling, for components that are free of scale and existing oxides.


Keystone Corporation’s Pickle Passivation meets the following specifications:

  • ASTM A380
  • ASTM G93, Standard Practice for Cleaning Methods and Cleanliness Levels for Material and Equipment Used in Oxygen-Enriched Environments
  • Commercial and customer generated specifications

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For more than 90 years, Keystone Corporation has assisted customers in completing commercial orders ranging from a few specialized pieces to high volume applications. All finishes are available for both rack and barrel applications. We maintain superior quality control through the entire finishing process, ensuring top quality pickling and passivation at an affordable cost for any project.  Contact Keystone today to receive a 
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