Cadmium Plating

There are many benefits to cadmium plating. Since Cadmium can be used in many applications, it stands as a versatile option for a variety of industries across different types of projects. 

Cadmium plating prevents oxidation therefore extending the life of base metals by resisting rust and degradation.  Cadmium has a low coefficient of friction and provides a number of advantages when choosing it for your project.

Key Advantages of Cadmium Plating

Cadmium plating may be a good fit for you if you are looking for metal finishing with these key attributes:

  • Has a low thickness and is good protection against salt corrosion.
  • Soft and malleable.
  • Mold and bacteria growth resistant.
  • Can be used on various underlying layers, such as aluminum, brass, copper, iron, and steel.
  • Is an excellent conductor of electricity.
  • Has low electrical resistance.
  • Works as a good base for paint.
  • Galvanic compatible with aluminum.
  • Excellent, smooth solderability.
  • Good bonding surface for different adhesives.
  • Excellent lubricity
  • Reliable torque characteristics
  • Protection from galvanic corrosion



Cadmium plating is used in a variety of automotive, aerospace, military, electrical, and even consumer product applications. It is a cost-effective coating that exhibits reliable, consistent coverage. Cadmium plating thickness can be adjusted to meet the needs of your project, large or small. Our baking process prevents the occurrence of hydrogen embrittlement and our electrodeposited method improves the bonding of paint and adhesion, offering an attractive final finish or allowing for the application of sealants or chromates over the cadmium finish. 

We offer four chromate color choices:

  • Clear
  • Yellow
  • Black
  • Olive Drab


Our Cadmium PLating Specifications

Keystone Cadmium meets the following specifications:

  • AMS-QQ-P-416
  • AMS 2400
  • ASTM B766

Why Keystone?

As a leader in the metal finishing industry since 1928, Keystone focuses on providing high quality electrodeposited cadmium plating for electronic, aerospace, mining, and defense industries.


Contact Us

Keystone Corporation can assist in completing commercial orders ranging from a few specialized pieces to an extra-large run of materials. We maintain superior quality control through the entire finishing and baking process ensuring top quality cadmium plating at an affordable cost for any project.  Contact Keystone today to receive a personalized quote based on the specific requirements of your business.


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Cadmium Plating