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At Keystone Corporation, we have been offering the Buffalo, NY, area expert solder plating for almost 100 years. We specialize in ASTM B579 superior tin-lead solder plating and have extensive knowledge and experience with various types of solder plating, including electronic, industrial and electrodeposited.

In our tin-lead plating process, we deposit tin and lead, which produces exceptional and long-lasting solderability, perfect for use across a wide variety of industries. We have served various industries with different applications for solder plating, placing us as a leader in the metal finishing industry.

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Applications, Compositions and Specifications for Our Solder Plating

For our tin-lead plating, we offer several different alloy compositions to best fit your needs, with additional compositions available upon request. Our primary compositions are 90 percent tin and 10 percent lead (90/10), 60 percent tin and 40 percent lead (60/40) and 95 percent tin and 5 percent lead (95/5). These different compositions are available in both matte and bright finishes. 

With these different finishes, Keystone Corporation offers both rack and barrel applications in Buffalo. Rack application is for delicate and large-sized parts while Barrel is reserved for bulk processing of multiple parts.

In addition, we fill your various needs with the different specifications we offer.

Our specifications:

  • MIL-P-81728
  • AMS-P-81728
  • ASTM B579
  • Commercial and customer-generated specifications

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