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As you look for cadmium plating services in Binghamton, NY, look toward Cadmium coating by keystone corporationKeystone Corporation. Our expert cadmium coating will offer corrosion protection, even in low-thickness and high-salt areas, and also provide an attractive finish.

About Cadmium and Cadmium Plating

Since the 1920s, cadmium has been around as a byproduct of zinc. Appearing as an attractive white metal, cadmium plating is a very soft that can be placed on various surfaces including steel, iron, copper and more.

A cadmium coating on one of these metal surfaces serves as a “sacrificial coating,” meaning that it will corrode before the surface it’s covering – one of the few metals that serve this purpose. It also provides anti-galling and low friction properties, and can be completed with additional chromate conversion coverings offering different finishings.

Keystone Corporation’s Available Finishes:

  • Clear
  • Yellow
  • Olive Drab
  • Black

Cad Plating’s Applications

We can apply cadmium plating to your automotive, aerospace, electrical, military and consumer market products. Our plating services offer consistent and reliable coverage in a cost-effective manner. The thickness of the cad coating is adjustable to your needs and whether the project is big or small. 

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As you search for the company to provide you with superior cadmium plating services, look to Keystone Corporation. Contact us today to go over your plating needs and to receive a quote based on your project.

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