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Keystone Corporation provides top-of-the-industry metal finishing and electroplating services in Erie, PA and the surrounding areas. We offer multiple solutions to each customer’s metal refinishing and electroplating needs. Keystone Corporations serves many customers in different industries such as military, automotive, communications, aerospace and many more.

Electroplating is made by manufacturing an alloy of both Nickel and Phosphorous which results in the deposit of an autocatalytic chemical reaction. Regardless of the part’s shape or geometry, metal is distributed equally throughout all surfaces. Many customers use electroplating to increase durability and corrosion protection. The higher the amount of phosphorus in the plating, the higher the corrosion protection.



For Electroless Nickel plating at Keyston Corporation there are many types of specifications for your electroplating, which include:


For ninety years the Keystone Corporation has assisted customers in a range of orders. Contact Keystone today through our contact page to receive a personalized quote for your specific requirements.

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