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Keystone Corporation offers electrodeposited nickel plating for engineering purposes, decorative applications, and as an undercoat for other plated metals.Electro Nickle Plating

With an extremely high melting point of 1,455 degrees Celsius (or 2,651 degrees Fahrenheit), nickel is an excellent coating for high-temperature applications. Our nickel plating is also available in bright and sulfamate finishes and both rack and barrel applications, making it incredibly versatile and allowing the process to be tailored to your needs.

About Our Nickel Plating Processes

At Keystone Corporation, we offer two different processes with our electrodeposited nickel plating. Choose from bright or sulfamate.


Perfect for applications that require a bright or lustrous finish, select the bright nickel plating. Using a special type of nickel that has organic additives that refine the grain structure, the brightness is enhanced. In contrast, the additives can impair solderability or brazing of the nickel. It can also result in a more highly tensile stressed deposit with reduced ductility.


Sulfamate nickel plating is ideal for electroforming and other engineering applications. It has exceptionally low tensile stress, which yields nickel deposits with ductility, elongation and machinability far superior to other nickel deposits.

This process makes an excellent choice for a variety of industries, including telecommunications, power transmission, medical and defense. Additionally, sulfamate nickel plating is a great choice to underplate tin plating and gold plating and to be used in over-molding and epoxy bonding applications.

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For more than 90 years, Keystone Corporation has assisted customers in completing 
orders ranging from a few specialized pieces to high volume applications. All finishes are available for both rack and barrel plating applications. We maintain superior quality control through the entire finishing process, ensuring top quality nickel plating at an affordable cost for any project. Our experienced staff will provide technical assistance as well as Certificates of Compliance to commercial, government, AMS, ASTM, and MIL specifications. Meeting your manufacturing needs is our top priority at Keystone Corporation. Contact us today to receive a personalized quotation based on your specific requirements.

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