Metal Plating & Finishing Services

Keystone's surface engineered metal finishing coatings meet the requirements of government, commercial and corporate specifications. Certification acknowledging compliance to metal plating specifications provided at no additional charge. Technical assistance and recommendations are also available upon request. 


Metal Plating

Tri-Alloy (Copper-Tin-Zinc)Alternative for Silver

Cadmium - Clear & Chromate

Copper - Acid & Alkaline

Nickel - Bright & Sulfamate

Electroless Nickel - Mid & High Phosphorous

Gold - Hard & Soft

Silver - Bright & Matt

Tin - Bright, Matte & Stannate

Tin/Lead Solder Plate - Bright or Matte in 95-5, 90-10 & 60-40

Zinc - Clear, Yellow, Black, Olive Drab

RoHS CompliantChrome Free RoHS Compliant Clear
Chrome Free RoHS Compliant Yellow

Phosphate Coating - Manganese & Zinc Micro Crystalline


Aluminum Conversion Coating

Anodize - Sulfuric Acid, Clear, Fluorocarbon Seal Teflon & Dyed

Hardcoat - Fluorocarbon Seal Teflon & Dyed

Alodine/Iridite - Yellow

KeyGuard - Iridite Alternative
RoHS CompliantChrome Free RoHS Compliant Clear
Chrome Free RoHS Compliant Yellow

Stainless Steel Treatments

Pickle Passivation

Electro Polishing 

Special Surface Treatments

Cleaning for Oxygen Service
Cleaning and Pickling

Associated Finishing Services

Abrasive Blasting 
Impregnation of Castings
Polishing and Buffing
Solid Film Lubricants 


Metal Finishing Capabilities 

Anodize, Electroless Nickel Plating, Passivation and Tin (Bright) are offered for parts up to 10 feet in length. Lifting capacity up to 2 tons for Anodizing & Tin (Bright), 4 tons for Electroless Nickel Plating & Passivation. All metal finishes with the exception of Anodize are available in both Rack & Barrel. In addition, we also offer Flow-through plating for Electroless Nickel & Electroless Nickel on Aluminum.


The Keystone fleet is available for door-to-door transportation service in Rochester, NY, Syracuse, NY & Erie, PA areas. For additional information about our metal finishing capabilities, contact us today! 

Plated metal parts

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