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Keystone Corporation Metal Finishing

Keystone Corporation has provided high quality industrial metal finishing and metal plating since 1928.  You can depend on our extensive experience in a wide range of processes to ensure professional results and on-time delivery for all your plating needs.  We are ISO-compliant and can certify to all applicable commercial, automotive, aerospace, and military specifications.

Available Finishes

(check out our Metal Plating page for detailed descriptions)

Anodizing - Clear, Black, and Hardcoat

Electroless Nickel - Mid and High Phosphorous Formulations

Cadmium - Clear, Yellow, Black, and Olive Drab

Zinc - Clear, Yellow, Black, and Olive Drab



Nickel - Bright and Sulfamate


Tin - Bright, Matte, and Stannate

Tin/Lead (Solder)- Bright and Matte

Trialloy (White Bronze)

Conversion Coatings - Chemical Film for Aluminum, Phosphate for Steel

Other Processes - Passivation, Pickel-Passivation, Electropolishing, Cleaning for Oxygen Service

We have one of the largest electroless nickel plating installations in the United States, and can also anodize aluminum parts up to 10' in length.  Our precious metals plating division regularly and safely handles the tiniest most delicate parts.  You can trust us with your work, whether big or small.


Please consider us for all of your finishing needs.  To send us a quote request, please click here.


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