Tin/Lead Solder Plating per MIL-P-81728

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Tin/Lead Plating services, also referred to as solder plate or solder deposits, are functional finishes with a bright or dull luster. Tin/lead plating services are utilized for unsurpassed solderability and in critical electrical and electronic applications eliminating the potential for tin whisker formation


MIL-P-81728 is a plating specification for electro-deposited tin-lead plating.


  • The composition of the plated layer should be 50-70% Tin by weight with the remainder composed of lead.
  • Unless otherwise specified, either a matte or bright luster shall be acceptable.
  • Unless otherwise specified the plating thickness should be between 0.0003"-0.0005".
  • The adhesion of the plating shall be such that when examined at a magnification of approximately 4 diameters, the plating shall show no evidence of bubbling, foaming, blistering or flaking.
  • Plated specimens or parts shall be easily and completely coated with solder when tested. The solder shall be deposited uniformly without lumps and shall be essentially free from evidence of bubbling, foaming or other defect.


Keystone Tin / lead electrodeposited coatings have proved invaluable in countless applications. Some traditional uses of Keystone Tin / lead electrodeposited coatings include:


  • Electronics
  • Military
  • Aerospace
  • Communications
  • Manufacturing


Plated metal parts