Keystone Corporation has provided high quality Metal Finishing and Electroplating services since 1928. In 2018 Keystone moved to a new facility designed around our specialties of finishing for electronic applications and surface treatments for stainless steel parts and welded assemblies. Other areas of expertise include plating on aluminum, plating glass sealed product, and cadmium plating for military applications.

Now in our third generation of family ownership, you can depend on Keystone’s for professional results and on-time delivery. You can trust us with your work, whether big or small. Our precious metals plating department safely handles the tiniest, most delicate parts. Our Passivation department has lifting capacity for up to 3 tons. All processes are available for both Rack and Barrel applications.

Keystone’s trucks are available for door-to-door transportation service in Buffalo, Rochester and Syracuse, NY, Erie, PA and all points in between.


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