Tri Alloy Plating

Keystone Corporation's Tri Alloy plating was developed as an alternative finish to both silver and nickel plating that could be provided at a fraction of the cost. Working with copper-tin alloys has been common for at least forty years. However, demand from consumers grew for a superior, cost effective product and TriAlloy plating using a copper, tin, zinc alloy was developed.


Characteristics of TriAlloy plating

TriAlloy plating, which is composed of 55% copper, 30% tin, and 15% zinc, has a number of excellent qualities:

  • It is nickel-free and lead-free
  • It is resistant to corrosion, tarnishing, oxidation, and chlorides
  • It can handle torque and stress
  • It is non-magnetic
  • It can be soldered
  • It is smooth and non-porous
  • It has a low coefficient of friction

Keystone Corporation's TriAlloy plating can be used in numerous applications, including:

  • Architecture
  • Automotive
  • RF and wireless telecommunications
  • Jewelry and watches
  • Medical equipment
  • Electronic and electrical connector parts
  • Microwave components

Keystone Corporation offers TriAlloy plating as part of our high-quality metal finishing  services. Contact us today for a quote or more information about TriAlloy plating.